View Full Version : Picture of Meridian 45B lens board

21-Mar-2014, 10:36
Does anyone have a picture and/or measurements for a Meridian 45B lens board? S.K. Grimes is mounting a lens for me, and the camera is out for CLA.

thank you,
bob k.

Teodor Oprean
21-Mar-2014, 11:54
The Meridian 45B takes standard 4x4 inch lensboards with an angled bottom edge, the same as the Anniversary Speed Graphic.

21-Mar-2014, 11:55
Thank you!

Ivan J. Eberle
21-Mar-2014, 13:54
You may also occasionally see or find Meridian specific boards that were cast aluminum with the Meridian logo. They're quite nice in appearance if still in good shape.

I'll also mention I machined a custom board myself, to have my Meridian fold up with a 210mm Rodenstock Sironar-N/ Caltar 2N installed. It's listed here in the For Sale section if interested.

Jim Jones
21-Mar-2014, 14:28
For a little more information see http://www.mppusers.com/lensboards.htm. As Teodor wrote, it's the standard #5 4 inch square board that Anniversary Graphic, Graphic View, many B&J press and view cameras, and many 0thers used long ago. They can easily be fabricated from metal, plywood, or other materials.

23-Mar-2014, 08:11
Thank you Ivan and Jim.