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Steven Tribe
19-Mar-2014, 03:36
This is usually a casket set, but is seen sometimes as an incomplete, parts, lens.

I have one that arrived this morning - more later.

In the concealed compartment under the lid, there was the separate flange and the original (attached with the second/third sale in 1893?) description of how to use the Universal. As I havn't seen this before, other than as glipses in Corrado D'Agostino's book, I thought it might be useful for at least a handful of people!
Note that the "Rectilinear" printed text has been crossed out and replaced by the penciled "view and landscape" - and very correct too!

It appears that Darlot did not have complete control of his Serial numbers at the start! This Casket set has serial number 302, which is the same number as the Universal illustrated on page 140 in Corrado's book on French lenses pre-1900. It is basically the same casket, but has a different lock and the "B" section is brass finish rather than black enamel. Also the accumulated dust represents decades of storage rather than the clean Corrado 302.

Emil Schildt
19-Mar-2014, 04:09
the one from London?

This is great.. thanks

Steven Tribe
19-Mar-2014, 07:09

It is, I think, set no. 2.
The standard portrait/Petzval set-up has a focal length of around 7" with an aperture of 1.75" - that is F4. It illuminates 7x5".

I always imagined that the extending barrel and clamp was used in connection with landscape and doublet options, but the instructions say:

"There will be found on the body a slot, that allows it to be drawn out a little, which, for portraits, will give diffusion of focus, or a larger image when out to its full extent."

evan clarke
19-Mar-2014, 08:47
I have one of these sets in extraordinary condition. It included a little note about the lens configurations which was written in beautiful Victorian script.

Steven Tribe
19-Mar-2014, 14:19
I have to admit that I have an additional text copy of a slightly later Universal set (No. 452) which Jimmy Péguet sent me last year. This is in French with enough basic English translation of the important lines to wrok everything out. It says the focal length is just over 8 inches for the Petzval combination. Everything else matches very well.