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Ernest Fasanya
29-Sep-2004, 09:17
Hello everybody

I have just started out in large format, having been a medium format (Pentax 67II) user of late. I have just acquired a secondhand Sinar X and am finding it a well-made but rather daunting machine. Does anyone know whether there is any kind of instruction manual for this beast? I have not been able to work out what some of the controls actually do! Sinar are not being particularly communicative on this matter.

Thanks for any advice to a newbie.

Ernest Purdum
29-Sep-2004, 11:45
Carl Koch wrote a book "Large Format Photography in Terms of the Sinar System" which I think would help you. Unfortunately, it leaves off with the "P", (unless there is a later edition I don't know about), but I think you would have little difficulty in relating what it says to the "X".

I have found www.abebooks.com very helpful in looking for out-of-print books at moderate prices.

Armin Seeholzer
29-Sep-2004, 16:23
Hi Ernest

Go to the following link: http://www.sinar.ch/sinar/default.htm

Products / View Cameras klick on the picture of the X some words in the description are links to morer details, should answer all your questions!

Good light!