View Full Version : 8x20 Ilford HP5+ Anyone care to share an order? Minimum 18 boxes is now

Geoffrey Nicholson
29-Sep-2004, 07:13
Hey, Due to financial problems Ilford has made some film special order only. This includes 8x20 HP5+. Now you need to order a case of 18 boxes at once. Does anyone out there want to split an order? Its around $2750 for a case. Calumet and View Camera Store both wanted me to buy a whole case, and now Calumet has taken it out of their database. I'd switch film but I've been on a project for 18 months and have been only using HP5+. It seem Ilford is behind on their orders of 8x10 HP5+ too.

Pete Caluori
29-Sep-2004, 20:05
Hi Geoffrey,

If you don't get any takers, I might be interested in some.

Regards, Pete