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Diane Maher
28-Sep-2004, 18:38
I wanted to scan an 8x10 slide and did something really stupid. I took it out of the clear sleeve. I thought I had it properly placed on the scanner, but it turned out that I didn't. I was able to move the slide slightly and in the process of doing so, have gotten some kind of marks on the emulsion side (naturally, it had to be there :( ) when I tried to align it without lifting up the scanner lid. Okay, that was really, really stupid, but does anyone know of a way to clean it? I am planning to take it to a local photo store and see if they can possibly help me. Of course, it was the only shot (of two) that came out exposed properly.

Karl Amo
28-Sep-2004, 20:37
I would try a commercially available emulsion cleaner and wipes, such as PEC-12 cleaner and PEC*Pads.

Adorama has a description of this product on their web site. http://www.adorama.com/CHPEC12K.html

I would try any cleaner on an unimportant piece of film of the same type of film that has the marks, first.

Diane Maher
29-Sep-2004, 05:29
I wish I had an 'unimportant' piece of film of this type that had these same marks. However, the best I can do, is perhaps try it out on the very edge of the film first. I'll check out the Adorama site. Thanks.

Diane Maher
7-Oct-2004, 18:39
The PEC-12 worked and the slide is now clean!