View Full Version : Alphax shutter question

Thom Bennett
16-Mar-2014, 20:24
The Alphax shutter pictured only goes to 1/10 of a second. Any idea why it was designed this way?


17-Mar-2014, 06:23
not sure, but it is a nice lens!
i had one for years ... and
rumor has it that stopped down it will
illuminate if not "cover" a 5x7 negative ..

have fun !

Wayne Aho
17-Mar-2014, 09:42
I think that since it is a 4x5 wide angle lens, with a small f-stop, it was a way to keep the cost down. It is handy that it also has a "T" setting along with "B".
Most of the 4x5 press lenses came with larger f-stops, and a wide range of shutter speeds.