View Full Version : shutter makes a ringing noise

John C Murphy
28-Sep-2004, 11:47
What does it mean when a shutter makes a reverberating "PING" sound?

Paul Schilliger
28-Sep-2004, 13:01
...means that you have reached the floor.

sorry, couldn't resist. What type of shutter is it?

28-Sep-2004, 13:10
It means someone has replaced your shutter with an oven timer...



... yes, I know - I said I'm sorry...

rich silha
28-Sep-2004, 13:27
you've got mail!

Jim Galli
28-Sep-2004, 13:28
cheap gas?

Jorge Gasteazoro
28-Sep-2004, 14:12
You tilted too hard?....

28-Sep-2004, 14:13
You've found the machine that goes 'PING'. Be sure to show it to the administrator.

Like everyone else, sorry.

And sorry.

Terence McDonagh
28-Sep-2004, 14:46
Tinkerbell is still alive?

If it was a "bing" instead of a "ping" it might be a from a former medical camera (see Monty Python's Meaning of Life)

Unlike the rest, I'm not sorry, except for having to reference a Monty Python movie.

Conrad Hoffman
28-Sep-2004, 15:56
All the good lines are taken. My Mamiya C330 shutters make a definite ring, and I've heard others refer to it as well, so it might be normal for your shutter.

Rick Heitman
28-Sep-2004, 15:58
it means to get up ,the sun will be there in a half hour. Sorry I too could not resist

Kevin M Bourque
28-Sep-2004, 17:57
Oh, I wasn't going to post, but I can't help it.....

You have obviously found the keepers of the sacred words, ni, ping, and nee-wom!