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16-Mar-2014, 13:56
I have acquired a number of nice lens. As n00b I really do not have a clue as to the best way to store and keep these babies safe.
I have a case for a Calumet CC-401. I thought about fashioning something from wood that would insert into that monster of a case.
But that does not store each lens individually. I saw the photobackpacker goods and will probably get one for each lens.

I am curious. How to do you store and transport your lenses?


Bob Mann
16-Mar-2014, 15:22
Lens caps on front and rear - then wrapped with square wraps that have Velcro on corners.

16-Mar-2014, 15:36
Pelican Studio Cases are an option as well (and yes lens caps).

16-Mar-2014, 15:47
Single lens: Domke lens wrap
Several lenses: Allen fishing reel case (which can fit in a pelican case if needed)
Hoard: rolling tool cabinet

Dan Dozer
16-Mar-2014, 15:48
Fishing reel case from Cabella's. Holds between 6 and 8 of my lenses on 6 x 6 Deardorff lens boards (and I have some big lenses) and I put soft wraps around them.

Jim Jones
16-Mar-2014, 15:59
Occasionally suitable plastic food containers are available in department stores, etc. A sandwich container is great for compact lenses on 4x4 or Linhof boards. Resell stores sometimes have metal cases that also work well.

16-Mar-2014, 16:02
I've received lenses shipped from overseas in plastic food containers and they worked great.

16-Mar-2014, 17:51
I wrap my lenses in yellow 14x17" and beige 17x26" micro fiber cloths that I purchase in Dollar Tree stores. To be sure there is no loose fuzz, I first wash and dry them. IMHO they are just as good as manufactured lens wraps such as Domke and at $1 each, far cheaper.

I bought some self-adhesive Velcro strips then cut sections and stuck the hook side onto each of the lens caps. They stick quite well to micro fiber cloth.

Most of my lenses are on Crown lens boards so they will either attach to my Crown Graphic or my Cambo cameras that have a Crown to Cambo adapter lens board. This way the lenses are easier to transport on the 4x4" boards rather than the much larger 6x6" Cambo lens boards.

I split my lenses between two cases: a grey fiber Kodak case (made for what camera I have no idea) and a fairly large Cambo case. Both have pieces of bubble wrap and foam self liner for padding.

The 18x8x14" Kodak case holds my Crown Graphic, about a dozen sheet film holders, a Congo 240mm f/6.8 lens (wrapped then stored inside a 32 ounce plastic yogurt tub), a Fujinon 150mm f/5.6 lens (wrapped then stored in a freezer Zip bag) - both on Crown boards, a Sekonic L-758DR light meter, a notebook, some cable releases, an 18650 CREE LED flashlight, a dark cloth, a level, a Calumet loupe, model releases, some washed golden dollar coins (to give with the model releases) and other small miscellaneous tools.

The 24x13x16" Cambo case holds one of my Cambos hanging upside down on a monorail with the Crown adapter lens board mounted, a dark cloth, a Cambo bag bellows, a Cambo compendium, a Cambo reflex viewfinder, a double wrapped Rodenstock Sironar-N 300mm f/5.6 on a Cambo Copal 3 lens board, a wrapped Schneider 210mm f/5.6 lens on a Crown board in a 32 ounce plastic yogurt tub, a double wrapped Nikkor-SW 90mm f/4.5 on a Cambo recessed lens board, a squeeze bulb shutter release and some other small tools.

16-Mar-2014, 23:35
I found a stash of square, hinged-lid cigar boxes whose interior dimensions are almost exactly 6" x 6" and hold my 8x10 lenses mounted to 6" boards perfectly. I don't often transport these with me into the field, but when I do I just stack the boxes in a canvas shopping bag and I'm off. It goes without saying I'm not backpacking with these, just going from the car to the tripod and back again.


17-Mar-2014, 05:50
It's probably too late for this now but within the past year I moved all of my 35mm, 645, and 810G cameras into Calumet watertight cases. The lens for the 35 and 645 went into the cases with camera and I got separate cases for all 4x5 and 810 lens. The Calumet cases are every bit as good as their Pelican cousin but are nicer looking IMO and they stack nicely. OH, and I also got one for the enlargert lens.