View Full Version : Cutting parts for cameras

Mike Cockerham
27-Sep-2004, 22:48
After reading several post about building a viewcamera I was wondering if anyone has looked at this http://www.versalaser.com/. Kind of expensive.


Eirik Berger
28-Sep-2004, 01:06
If you are going to build ONE camera using this weird Star Wars crreation, it will be a very expensive camera.

I recently bought a "Cema Tekna 156", a multitool with all functions I need to cut wooden parts (with high accuracy) for viewcamera building. I am very happy with this tool, and hopefully I will have much fun with it.

It doesnīt have any laser units tough...

Bryan Willman
29-Sep-2004, 10:27
Erik - do you have a pointer to english language information about the "Cema Tekna"?

Eirik Berger
29-Sep-2004, 23:48
Bryan, I am sorry. I couldnīt find any.
There is surprisingly little information about this tool on the web, I only found this danish site:
I am not that good in english that I can translate it for you (its to technical...) You may send them an e-mail and ask if they can give you more information. The machine costs around 1200 USD here in Norway.

Ernest Purdum
30-Sep-2004, 08:37
Erik, After several URL frustrations, I finally got through to the page. The machine looks very impressive. I hope it gives you great satisfaction.