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Mungo Park
14-Mar-2014, 08:36
I read this forum now and again but my darkroom has been in op for years. i enjoyed many a session doing Large format landscape, but might be a thing of the past for me.
I have some paper in the freezer I will never use and did not want to chuck it if somebody could use it, got some 4X5 film as well.

The paper Kodak Elite fine art paper, SP2 got a good 200 sheets

100 sheets Oriental Seagull N-2

At least a 100 sheet box of 4X5 of Kodak T max

I have used some old paper before and if you mix your own developer you can get rid of some of the "yellow" by adjusting the formula.
I would ship it to a good home for cost.
I live in Winnipeg Canada.
Cheers Ron

contact me and do details.

14-Mar-2014, 08:43
message sent for tmax

14-Mar-2014, 08:50
pm sent

Mungo Park
14-Mar-2014, 08:54
I will let this sit for the day and let everybody get in that wants to to be fair to all. I will go through them all and pick the best fit, or if to hard, just random pick.
Thanks for the interest, hate to chuck the stuff.

14-Mar-2014, 09:43
pm sent

Mungo Park
14-Mar-2014, 12:26
I forgot to mention, the paper is 8X10

Andrew O'Neill
14-Mar-2014, 12:41
Anything left?

14-Mar-2014, 22:29
Oh man, I'm just about out of film too...ugh.

Mungo Park
15-Mar-2014, 08:31
Yes, nothing has left yet, just trying to get the best fit...........Ron

Mungo Park
15-Mar-2014, 09:00
Paper is gone to a good home...........Ron

15-Mar-2014, 21:54
Sent a message btw.

29-Mar-2014, 20:34
Has anyone heard back from Mungo?
He said there was some film for me then no replies after that.

Mungo Park
30-Mar-2014, 09:00
I have been sidetracked I will wrap it up this week.
Cheers Ron