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Jim Becia
13-Mar-2014, 06:56
I know Tyler was not able to post his Kickstarter program here when his was active because at that time his project was on medium format film. Fortunately (at least I think so) Kickstarter programs related to photography can now be posted. I pledged to Tyler's project with two thoughts, 1. I thought his project worth while and 2. I wanted to see what an excellent printer is capable of producing. Tyler was successful and my two prints that I ordered came in last week. All I can say is that Tyler's photos and his printing capabilities are top notch. Makes me question my printing capabilities. (My prints from Tyler were made using an Epson printer so I am talking about inkjet prints.) All I can say it was wonderful job in execution and printing.

Kirk Gittings
13-Mar-2014, 07:44

Jim Becia
13-Mar-2014, 08:46


I am embarrassed to say I have no idea how to do that. I know if you go to Tyler's website, you can find it there through his blog. Jim

Peter De Smidt
13-Mar-2014, 09:10

Jim Becia
13-Mar-2014, 09:51

Thanks Peter!

Bruce Watson
14-Mar-2014, 05:05
All I can say it was wonderful job in execution and printing.

I've met Mr. Boley and visited his studio in Seattle. He is without at doubt the best printer I've met, seen, or heard about. He's got a vision, and the persistence to do what it takes to put it on paper. His B&W prints are just amazing and have to been seen to be believed.

And he's a excellent photographer in the bargain. And a heck of a nice guy. He's an LFer's LFer. Just sayin'.