View Full Version : Users of Nikkor SW 65 on Toyo A-II

27-Sep-2004, 06:47
1) Does this optic force you to drop the bed to prevent vigneting on an A-II? How about in the horizontal mode?

2) Do you use the 12mm recessed board and if yes, does the bellows compression restrict front standard movement?

3) There is no known center filter for the Nikkor SWs (or am I wrong?) how do you cope with this?

Many thanks


Gem Singer
27-Sep-2004, 07:30
Hi Ramin,

From my experience with the Toyo 45AII, a 65mm. wide angle lens requires the use of a recessed lensboard, as well as dropping the bed, in both the vertical and horizontal configuration. Otherwise, it will clip the front edge of the camera's focusing bed.

A Toyo 12.5mm. recessed lensboard was the deepest one I could locate, although I was told that a 25mm. recessed lensboard did exist. However, even with the 12.5mm. recessed lensboard, the bellows was compressed so tightly that it severely restricted movements with any lens shorter than 75mm. Unfortunately, there is no wide angle bellows option with the Toyo 45AII.

If you find that you need a center filter, several manufacturers make them for the 67mm. filter thread of the Nikon 65SW. Hoya makes the most economical ones.

27-Sep-2004, 07:48
Thank you Eugene. Looks like Ill go for the SS 80 then.

Andre Noble
27-Sep-2004, 08:11
The deeper 110mm lens board does exist. You see them on Ebay occasionally, and I'm sure can also be ordered new if you get the part number from brochure.

Glenn Kroeger
27-Sep-2004, 08:45

The deeper board is exceptionally difficult to use. Very hard to set shutter controls or f/stop and difficult to attach any cable release.

I use a 75mm with the 12.5mm recessed board, and in most cases do not have to drop the bed.

Although a bit larger than the SS80, the fast 75mm f/4.5 lenses from Nikon and Rodenstock are a bit cheaper and give not only slightly wider coverage, but somewhat more even illumination than the SS80. I have not found it essential to use a CF for most shots.

27-Sep-2004, 15:19
many thanks to every one r.