View Full Version : Adox CMS II and roto processing

12-Mar-2014, 19:20
i would really like to grab a box of 4x5 Adox CMS II and a bottle of deducted developer just to try it out. all examples on a web look interesting enough and i feel like a moth going in to a candle flame; i just have to try it. personally i think its one trick pony but still it look interesting.
my main question for you guys that used this film and deducted process before is: did any of you used it in constant agitation?
am using Jobo 3010 Expert to do all my 4x5 developing and i dont have darkroom or will to develop CMS this in trays.
film its self is expensive 121$ for 50 sheets of 4x5 but developer is really expensive 50ml for 25$, it would be just silly to use make just two tanks out of one bottle.

i have zero experience with CMS II and no idea if tis ok in constant agitation? over last 17 years i have developed all my BW with CPP or ATL and i idid some minimal adjustments to process, but over all i can say that i had no big difference on classic or tabular grain films. whit this i dont know what to think. i would appreciate any advice