View Full Version : Fomabrom Variant III, single, double, or mid weight paper???

jose angel
12-Mar-2014, 05:42
Just this... I`m in the endless process of looking for single weight papers, so I have emailed Slavich. I hope to be lucky.

While searching, I have checked that the Fomabrom Variant III (Foma) is described in some sites as "double weight", but I have read somewhere that it`s 180grs/m2... so it is not double weight at all (DW use to be around 250grs/m2).
To those who use it, how does it feel? Is it noticeably thinner than e.g., Ilford MG IV papers? Is it far from "true" SW papers?


Eric Biggerstaff
12-Mar-2014, 06:36
I would not call it single weight, but it is not as heavy as Ilford. It is not thin by my standards and I would consider it double weight despite what is said. I am not sure who makes a true single weight paper any more.

jose angel
12-Mar-2014, 09:15
Thanks Eric. What I feared...

Maris Rusis
12-Mar-2014, 15:11
If you want a really thin photograph then emulsion stripping of resin coat paper will give it to you. Start splitting the paper at a corner and peel carefully. It takes some practice and gets more difficult for large sizes.

jose angel
13-Mar-2014, 01:06
Thanks Maris... it`d be great for a couple shots, but not for a box!