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12-Mar-2014, 00:02

I own an Epson V750 with a 240V adapter, how can I make it work in USA? I know that I need a 110V adapter but where can I find one?


12-Mar-2014, 00:09
You need a transformer, there should be a wattage number, get a transformer that is about 3 times the wattage needed by the Epson (for power spike buffering) and that should be good.

They look like this...

I just went though this using a 220 euro plug JOBO processors and I needed it to work for USA 120v wall sockets power.


12-Mar-2014, 00:45
Don't even need that much power, but yes, that's what you need.

12-Mar-2014, 04:28
ebay or amazon

Doug Fisher
12-Mar-2014, 12:44
You can buy an Epson power supply from one of their part suppliers. You might try www.compassmicro.com. Rod is very good at getting Epson parts and his prices have always been reasonable.


12-Mar-2014, 13:32

Is this ok?

13-Mar-2014, 08:38
1. are you sure your adapter is only 220-240V AC? most switching adapters accept everything from 100V to 240V, 50-60Hz nowadays
2. you don't necessarily need 'an adapter for epson's V750'; what matters is: output DC voltage (must be the same), output power/(maximum) output current (must be equal or greater), output plug and polarisation - usually it's cheaper and more convenient to buy an adapter, than a transformer, should be like 10-20 euro

Doug Fisher
13-Mar-2014, 08:40
Yikes. That is pricey. Pasiasty makes some good points so you might want to investigate those. I would also check ebay first for other options before paying that much.


13-Mar-2014, 10:36
I've just checked the adapter for my V700 - OP was right, it states 220-240V.

13-Mar-2014, 11:16
The link to the unit I gave is cheap and will work fine.

Good luck!