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Robert Musgjerd
27-Sep-2004, 06:16
On my way to Hilton Head SC for a little R&R but of course will be bringing the lf equipment. Does anyone know of any interesting places to photograph?

Bobby Cranford
27-Sep-2004, 11:01
Old Sheldon Church has some nice ruins. Parts of wall remain along with the columns. It is surrounded by live oaks and an interesting cemetary. It is not on Hilton Head, but east of I-95 between exits 38 and 33. (I think it is exit 33 maybe 32). There is a low country welcome center at that exit which can give you directions.

Near Beafort is Hunting Island (?). There is a nice lighthouse on it.

I have never been to Hilton Head, but have been in the surrounding area many times, so what is on Hilton Head proper I do not know.

Barry Trabitz
27-Sep-2004, 11:46
Bottany Bay Plantation Rd. Edisto Island, SC.

My most succesful (IMHO) image. Long dirt road under a canopy of oaks.

As an aside this was the scene in the Patriot where Mel Gibson reared his horse, after sending his family to safety, and galloped off to fight the British.

matthew blais
27-Sep-2004, 14:17
I haven't been there for twenty years, or more, but I remember the (then) less traveled small roads to skirt about the island having an abundance of Spanish Moss hanging from a lot of trees - just about everywhere. I think anywhere you go there (given that present day conditions are unknown to me) would offer interesting images. There was a neat bridge that spanned from Savannah to HH Island too. Good luck, have fun.

j. kelly adams
27-Sep-2004, 15:14
If you are going today or tonight, I would check the weather, I think it is going to be wet and windy. Kelly

Jay Lnch
27-Sep-2004, 19:53
I was just there this past weekend. Great weather. It is worth the trip to go to Savannah. Maybe 20mins away.


Kevin M Bourque
27-Sep-2004, 21:46
Hilton Head itself is fairly uninteresting. It's all very safe and manicured.

I second Hunting Island and the Sheldon church ruins. But don't bother with the ruins unless it's cloudy. They're located in a wooded area and the lighting is very difficult with the sun peeking through. It's hard enough to get a good print with even lighting!

Hunting Island has been washing away for many years and the beach can be very interesting. (lots of dead trees and stumps and such). Probably more after all these storms.

Charleston is a great place but it's not as close as Savannah.