View Full Version : What are the advantages of using Linhof boards?

David Payumo
17-Oct-1999, 16:10
I notice a few people use Linhof Technika lens boards instead of their own camera makers' boards. Why do like these boards more? I know they are ligh ter and smaller. Are there any other benefits? Does it make using lenses on di fferent camera makes easier? What was the cost of having adapter or your camera altered to accept these boards? I am probably going to get an Arca-Swiss Discove ry. What is your opinion of getting the Arca-Swiss Linhof adapter and Linhof Te chnika lensboards?

Bob Salomon
17-Oct-1999, 16:25
The answer, besides the Linhof boards being very well made, and with the cable release quick release coupling, convenient is universiality.

If you own more than one camera system it is an ideal way to interchange lenses between camera systems.

Linhof has now introduced another option to do this using the larger Linhof M679 lensboards.

Linhof just intoduced a rapid shift back for the M679 that takes Hasselblad film and digital backs.

They also introduced a series of adapters for this back. One for Sinar/Horseman, one for Linhof Kardan and one for Cambo. Using these adapters on the back of the above cameras you can use the new rapid shift back or the Mamiya RB, Mamiya RZ/Horseman/Silvestri or the Hasselblad adapter for those cameras roll or digital backs.

Using these adapters on the front of the Sinar/Horseman/Linhof Kardan/Cambo allows them to accept the M679 lensboard system.

If you only have a single view camera and are not planning on multiple systems you will probably find that buying an adapter is not needed.

Ellis Vener
17-Oct-1999, 18:44
Size: the Linhof Technika board is substantially smaller and lighter than the O.E.M. board for many camera systems, and that is important when you are carrying equipment into the field. Arca Swiss solution is the Field version of the 4x5 F cameras, where you use a smaller front standard and smaller boards.

Multiple camera compatibility: I use three large format view cameras -- an Arca Swiss F-Line (aka F-Classic), a Canham DLC, and a V-Pan 6x17cm format camera. The V-Pan predates the other two and was designed from the beginning to use Linhof Technika (or the Bromwell Technika clone) boards. Adapter boards for the other two cameras give me the freedom to choose the best tool for the job: the arca for studio or interior work, the Canham for exteriors, landscapes, portraits and in the studio when I need a lot of bellows.

I have an older (flat, designed for the A/B camera) Arca-Swiss Linhof adapter and i like it. I haven't seen the newer (recessed, designed for the F cameras) ones so I can't comment except to say: Do you like Arca? You'll like their adapter board.

Tito Sobrinho.
17-Oct-1999, 19:13
Hi, David: Linhof lens boards are the ones most immitated. But only Wista has the beauty and strengh of the Linhof. All my lenses are mounted on Linhof or Wista lens board. I use adaptors for the 8X10 Wista, 8x10 Sinar P2 and the Deardorff 5x7. Tito.

Larry Huppert
17-Oct-1999, 22:38
The newer recessed arca-Linhof adapter is wonderful. The retaining clip which holds the lens in place works as nicely as it does on a Linhof (a very high standard indeed).

I agree with previous posts on the quality of Wista boards which are Linhof compatible. I've had problems with Bromwell boards. They didn't seem to fit as snug as either Linhof or Wista boards.

The one downside to the Linhof standard is with their recessed board. They were originally designed for smaller shutters (I've been told size 00),so they don't work with all modern shutters available (e.g. Prontor or Copal Press). They will fit a Copal 0, but they are still very cramped. I operate the shutter settings with a pen or stick because my fingers really don't fit in the space available. Since the Arca Swiss-Linhof adapter is already recessed, you won't need to use an additional Linhof recessed board.

Ellis Vener
18-Oct-1999, 15:21
I went back and checked by boards: two are genuine Linhof techika boards, two are Wista, and one is a Bromwell. the first wo are definitely more substantial and have a marginally better fit in all three cameras.