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Vick Vickery
26-Sep-2004, 12:10
I have a triple-convertable lens marked Wollensak-Rochester Voltas F-8 8 IN Focus in a Betax #2 shutter. The stops are marked with the old US system (Ross/Gundlach) and I understand the f-stop relationship; what I don't find is the focal lengths for the various lenses: the combined lenses are, no doubt, 8", but there are no markings to indicate the focal lengths of the front and rear elements used alone, though there are three stop-scales on the shutter. Can anyone tell me the focal lengths for the Bk and Ft markings?

Jorge Gasteazoro
26-Sep-2004, 12:44
Perhaps Kerry can tell you with more accuracy, but you can easily find out for yourself. Remove one of the cells, open the shutter and project the image from a window into a wall, when the image is in focus, that is the focal lenght of that particular cell. Alternatively, why not just put it on your camera, focus at infinity and measure the distance from the film holder to the lensboard. That should be your focal lenght for that particular cell.

26-Sep-2004, 13:54
hi there

according to a 1919 catalog the f:8 8" volta triple convertable - #3 lens which covers a 5x7 negative

- 14" rear cell only - 17 1/2" front cell only

Vick Vickery
26-Sep-2004, 14:56
Thanks, y'all! I was planning to measure it focused at infinity, and will still do so, but figured that someone would have a reference that would give the factory numbers. Glad to know the coverage, too.