View Full Version : Carl Zeiss Jena Anastigmat 8/110mm early lens - Planar??

Dr Klaus Schmitt
9-Mar-2014, 16:03
Saw that on ebay: 251467585586 and wondered if that might be an early Planar?
The rear element has VIII engraving, which the Vademecum identifies as a Planar,
but the speed and focal length do not match.

Any ideas / info about it?

Steven Tribe
9-Mar-2014, 16:42
Looks like a series IIa 1:8 110mm to me.
I thought the VIII was a rough fitting mark for a female thread - also marked VIII!
Isn't the German patent no. the standard one for anastigmats/protars?

Dr Klaus Schmitt
10-Mar-2014, 00:11
Thanks Steven, that "Protar" patent was my first idea too, until I saw that VIII which threw me off.
Now that seems to be correct as also the serial number 32.xxx would match that production time
(1893 - 1900).

10-Mar-2014, 03:07
Believe it's same as my 110mm f8 Zeiss anastigmat, used before.
Protar version.