View Full Version : Copal 00 shutter release

Garry Teeple
26-Sep-2004, 09:24
I have a Schneider 90mm f-8 mounted in a Copal 00 shutter on a flat board. The problem is that it is very difficult to get a cable release attached. Is there an adapter like the ones made by Toyo which mounts under the lens and then screws into the lens? Does Linhof make the new boards with the quick cable release buttons that will work on the Copal 00 shutters? Or any other suggestions?

Thanks, Garry

David A. Goldfarb
26-Sep-2004, 09:57
Try the Gepe flexible release extension. It fits in very small spaces, like with a 0 shutter on a Linhof recessed lensboard, and I'm fairly sure it would work with the setup you describe.


Larry Gebhardt
26-Sep-2004, 11:06
I leave the Gepe threaded into the shutter for the same reason. I used to leave a shutter release on each lens, but then I found I was breaking them in the bag. I still leave the short Gepe on though, with no problems.


Dieter Holzportz
29-Sep-2004, 07:38
Hallo Garry, I own the same lens with the same shutter. I am able to insert a standard cable release with only small problems. The thread only fastens for 1/2 or 1 winding. But it works. I have contact to Linhof as I live close to Munich. Linhof delivers a lensboard with centre hole of 10mm diameter and quick release. This must be adopted to the right shutter diameter ( approximately 24 mm). But as I remember the shutter will not allow for being released with the Linhof designed releas wire which is currently designed for Copal shutters.