View Full Version : cold light vs. regular white

17-Oct-1999, 14:23
Does any one know if there is a difference, when you are making contact prints - with a contact printing frame, between cold light and regular enlarger light bu lbs? Thank you.

George Nedleman
17-Oct-1999, 14:56
For graded papers there is probably ( I'm guessing)no difference other than exposure but for VC papers, the same rules that you would use for enlarging apply. You should test the paper's "luminesence" range (I forgot the correct phrase) response to each filter. George

N Dhananjay
17-Oct-1999, 19:34
You should not find much difference with graded papers. The Callier effect is more of an issue with enlargements where the large negative- to-paper distance leads to larger scatter effects. With VC papers, you'll want to check the density range each contrast grade can handle since the filters are optimized for tungsten light sources and not the blue heavy cold lights. You can buy a step wedge from Stouffers (about $30) and run your calibration tests. DJ