View Full Version : Does anyone Scan 7x17 in Central New England?

Wayne Aho
3-Mar-2014, 19:21
I live in SW New Hampshire, and have several 7x17 negatives that I would like to have scanned.

Does anyone in the area know who can scan this size?

The Greenfield, Mass, or Manchester, NH locations are also convenient for me.


Daniel Stone
3-Mar-2014, 19:41
I believe Ian Mazursky can scan up to 16x20, might want to give him a ring and find out(he's in NY state):



Oren Grad
3-Mar-2014, 20:58
If you don't require drum-scan quality for your intended use, don't forget that you (or whatever service you use) can scan in two parts on an 8x10 flatbed and then stitch.

bob carnie
4-Mar-2014, 06:05
Not in Central New England but-

I have an Eversmart Supreme Scanner and can handle this size of film in a single pass.

Lenny Eiger
4-Mar-2014, 13:35
Try Bill Morse, in Boston area.


He's done work for me before and is very conscientious.