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2-Mar-2014, 08:27
I have a camera with graflok back, but no ground-glass. I could fabricate a ground-glass to work with the graflok sliders far easier than I could make a spring-back. Such a ground-glass would lock in place with the graflok sliders, and be removed for exposure. The problem I see is that regular film holders don't have grooves in the side to work with the graflok sliders. However, you can place a film holder on the back and just jam the graflok slider locks against it and it stays in place pretty well. Has anyone tried this? Will it work, or does light leak around without the spring-tension of a normal back pressing against the film holder?

Do they sell film-holders with grooves machined in them for graflok backs? Has anyone tried machining such grooves?

Jim Noel
2-Mar-2014, 08:31
It sounds like you have a camera with a Graflex back, not a Graflok. The Graflex back requires holders with a groove as the light trap, and such holders are available.

2-Mar-2014, 08:36
I've never seen a Graflex back, but this is definitely a graflok back...same thing that's on my late-model Pacemaker; it's just missing the ground-glass. I can put my polaroid back on it just fine and lock it in place, but I can't use it with film-holders, because they don't have grooves to lock in with the sliders; they are designed to be sandwiched under the ground-glass.

2-Mar-2014, 09:05
How about stringing a heavy rubber band or two between the hooks the groundglass is supposed to be hooked on, in the gap in the middle of the sliders? That's what a "hacker extraordinaire" would do. :-)

2-Mar-2014, 09:07
I'd place a wanted advert for a Graflok focus frame. Be aware that they aren't standard though so a frame from a Pacemaker Graphic won't fit a Super Graphic, there's at least 2 different Cambo Graflok backs that aren't interchangeable.

You could use a Gfamatic film holder.


Drew Bedo
2-Mar-2014, 09:13
Graflex backs are available. Get one and swap out the backs. If you really want to do it the hard way, get a graflok film holder and modify it to be a ground glass.

Dan Fromm
2-Mar-2014, 09:56
The obvious starting point for a focusing panel would be a film pack adapter. Graflok sliders hold them very well.

If you do this, remember to shim the gg back from the front of the FPA by the thickness of the film pack's front.

2-Mar-2014, 10:19
Just get the right part. They aren't that rare, nor expensive.

2-Mar-2014, 10:41
That's a good idea. I should already have thought of rubber bands. Rubber bands are a long and glorious tradition for holding model airplanes together. The trouble is not losing the rubber bands.

Roger Hesketh
2-Mar-2014, 17:47
Just get the right part. They aren't that rare, nor expensive.

+1 See pm

Drew Bedo
2-Mar-2014, 20:53
Just get the right part. They aren't that rare, nor expensive.

What he said!