View Full Version : Fuji Astia 100 - Landscapes? Does it really gain 1 stop exposure latitude?

Bill Glickman
17-Oct-1999, 03:41
I have heard that Fuji Astia 100 offers one additional stop of exposure latitude , stepping the normal slide film from 4 stops up to 5 stops. (i.e. from solid b lack to washed out or clear acetate) Shooting landscapes I am always looking fo r that extra stop of exposure lattitude...and the speed sure doesn't hurt either compared to Velvia... any experience? Your input would be helpful... also, doe s Astia push well? If so, how far? Thanks everyone....

Gary Frost
17-Oct-1999, 12:41
Compared to Velvia, it does provide a full stop more latitude. I use it to complement Velvia for this. When the lighting is too contrasty for Velvia. I don't know about pushing, but it shares alot in common with Fuji's MS100/1000 so should be well behaved to 2 stop push... but there goes your contrast. Astia also has a neutral color that is more forgiving of mixed lighting and has excellent reciprocity allowing exposures to 2 minutes with only +1/2 stop and no color correction. It is much better behaved for long exposures than Velvia.

Howard Slavitt
17-Oct-1999, 22:08
My experience is the same. I also use Astia to complement Velvia, and, yes, I too experience about a one stop increase in exposure latitude. If you want even more exposure latitude, PULL Astia one stop. It handles it nicely. Instead, if you PUSH Astia a stop, it does very well, but it becomes a bit more contrasty. In short, I think Astia is a great landscape film. I rate Astia at ASA 80 (pulled at 40; and pushed at

18-Oct-1999, 04:48
I agree with the above comments. Astia is a very natural and subtle film, and less picky than Velvia. I use both in 120/220 & Quickload.

For pushing, I have just tried MS100/1000, and it is pretty good at 400ASA

Stpephen Willlard
19-Oct-1999, 11:46
Bill writes, "I have heard that Fuji Astia 100 offers...". Now you have heard three more times :-)