View Full Version : Two New XL Tripods from FLM

25-Feb-2014, 18:29
FLM Germany is happy to announce the availability of two new XL-height tripods.
Both feature 8x carbon fibre tubes, and both exceed 2 metres in height at maximum extension.
All of the (un)usual FLM tripod features are there, and both tripods use 4-section legs for maximum portability.

The CP30-XL4S uses a fixed center tube, while the CP30-XL4L6 uses a levelling center tube.

MSRP on the CP30-XL4S is $900; MSRP on the CP30-XL4L6 is $1075.

More details here: http://www.flmcanada.com/carbon-fibre-tripods-xl---new.html


Peter De Smidt
25-Feb-2014, 19:57
They look very nice. A tall pod is a real advantage.

25-Feb-2014, 20:09
Thanks, Peter; it's good to finally have a couple in the arsenal.

3-Mar-2014, 14:21
For those of you in the midwest USA, you can now buy FLM gear from Dodd Camera.
They are based in Cleveland, but have 15 stores in the midwest.