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24-Feb-2014, 07:05
Are there any papers available that are transparent? I have used the Picto... but it is too thick for what I have in mind.

Any help?

24-Feb-2014, 07:19
Enlarge your negatives onto copy film or ortho litho film.

24-Feb-2014, 07:39
print your photos on single weight paper if you can find it
or coat your own ,,,
then WAX the prints with beeswax or parafin
thats what i do
the prints arent completely clear but almost translucent
and easy to print as negatives ... or like stainedglass if you add color.
copyshops can print color or b/w mylar and the gooey stuff
your mechanic puts his little rectangular windshield
oil change reminders on too .... kindof cheapo and not the best quality, but fun.

keith schreiber
24-Feb-2014, 09:40
Maybe Red River Sheer, if they still make it.

~ Keith

Daniel Stone
24-Feb-2014, 21:01
for color, or b/w optical enlargements, or for digital printing(inkjet)?

keith schreiber
25-Feb-2014, 09:31
Looked up the Red River Sheer. It's still in the catalog online but in only one very small size. Bummer. Also says not recommended for pigment inks, though I tested it once a long time ago and didn't see any problem.

You don't say what your intended use is. I and others seem to have assumed paper negatives based on your mention of "Picto...", but maybe not. Pictorico is a brand, not a single product. It would help to know some more context.

~ Keith

25-Feb-2014, 12:25
This is posted in the darkroom forum so I was assuming the OP was looking for darkroom processes.