View Full Version : Efke 25 - example photos?

David R Munson
21-Sep-2004, 17:14
I've been reading up on this film, but haven't been able to dig up much in the way of example photos made with it. Anyone here care to step up to the plate and post an image or two? Thanks!

21-Sep-2004, 17:36
How does one post an image on this Forum?

John Cook
21-Sep-2004, 18:34
If you poke around JandC's website, you will find examples.


There is a link to the work of John Anderson who uses this film. Also, the factory website has at least one sample photo.

Unfortunately, when filtered through a computer monitor the film's characteristics are all but removed.

J Conrad
21-Sep-2004, 20:35
George Provost has used this film quite a bit with Pyrocat HD. He has several photographs up on eBay that you can view, not sure which are with the Efke. He's a nice guy so, I am sure he can help with some answers.


Daniel Grenier
22-Sep-2004, 06:07
Like JC said, go to ebay and look at the work of George Provost and BUY a print from him. They are not expensive, they are 8x10 contact prints done on AZO and they are just gorgeous. I know, I bought nine of his prints so far. He describes in detail how he made each photo if you are adamant about getting a print made from Efke film. However, his prints are great because he is a very talented Artist, and certainly NOT because he uses Efke, Kodak, Ilford or whatever film. Do a "smart search" under "find a member" and type in "photopsyche" to go to George's ebay store.

You won't be disapointed.

Ken Lee
22-Sep-2004, 06:21
I have placed a link here (http://stores.ebay.com/George-Provost-Azo-Photography_W0QQsspagenameZl2QQtZkm" target="_blank)

Here (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=66465&item=3741839676" target="_blank) is one that really shows things off nicely.

Too bad he's stuck on that cold-toned Azo stuff... To each his own. ;-)

Kevin Gulstene
22-Sep-2004, 08:44
Here is an example (http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?topic_id=1481&msg_id=0059Lf&photo_id=1504917&photo_sel_index=0).

Ken Lee
22-Sep-2004, 08:53
Kevin - I wish the JPG were of a little better quality, since the gradations of tones are rendered as bands. Very lovely feeling.

Kevin Gulstene
22-Sep-2004, 10:08

I don't see the banding but maybe it's one of those browser/computer/Photoshop7-jpeg things. This one (http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=2719296) should look better.

Ken Lee
22-Sep-2004, 10:22
Thanks - I now realize that the appearance of banding is due to the fact that I connect to my home machine remotely, via windows Remote Desktop software, which reduces screen resolution in order to lower the bandwidth. When I view the image directly, it looks fine. Great image.

David R Munson
22-Sep-2004, 20:25
Cool....thanks for the responses.

Wally Hess
23-Sep-2004, 14:20
Here's my contribution of Efke 50 8x10 film taken with Cambo 8x10 and contact printed on Iford warm fiber paper. This is a picture of a local pioneer cabin built early 1800's