View Full Version : Polarizers and Grad ND Filters for 4x5?

21-Sep-2004, 16:39
Hi, I am just starting out in 4x5 and am looking to start a filter collection. I currently have a 90mm Super Angulon and don't think I'll go any wider then that. Will the cokin P series filter holder be alright on this lens? As for filters I plan on getting a linear polarizer and a 3 stop hard edged grad ND filter for now, and expand that over time. As for the brand I have been looking at HiTech as I have heard that they are neutral unlike the Cokin filters and are decent while still being fairly cheap. What I have not been able to find is a linear polarizer by HiTech. Will the cokin polarizer work, or does that also have a color cast? Also, as I am low on cash and so far have bought all my equipment used, is there any place that will sell good used filters, and are they worth it? Thanks.

Brian Ellis
21-Sep-2004, 17:49
I don't know the answers to most of your questions but with respect to used filters, KEH sells some used filters and they're a very reputable company.

Larry Gebhardt
21-Sep-2004, 18:47
I have used a cokin P system with the Super Angulon. From what I remember I had to make sure the holder was turned just right or it would get in the way, especially with movements. I think you can easily cut the holder down, though I haven't tried this. I use a 77mm hoya polarizer most of the time. I own a cokin, but I honestly haven't used it. The one Hitech grad (.6) that I have is very nice, though I haven't had a noticable problem with the cokin that I have as well.

I will also second KEH as a good source for used equipment. They grade very fairly and you can always return it you do not agree.

Scott Bacon
22-Sep-2004, 08:09
I use the Cokin P holder with my lenses (though I don't have the 90mm Super Angulon). I use the Cokin circular polarizer and it does not exhibit a color cast. I'm pleased with its quality, but have no experience with the Cokin linear polarizer. 2filter.com has good prices and has a Hitech/Cokin P package that is a pretty good deal. Good luck!

Greg Miller
22-Sep-2004, 08:47
The Cokin P system should work for you. Cokin has a "Wide Angle" holder now that should work (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=WishList.jsp&A=details&Q=&sku=302175&is=REG) or you can cut off the outside slot of a regular holder. I use a wide angle (circular) polarizer from Singh Ray durectly on my 90mm instead of the P holder if I don't need any other filters in addition to the polarizer to minimize the chances of vignetting. If i need a polarizer & a GND the I use the P wide angle holder containing a Singh_Ray polarizer (intended for use in a P holder) and a GND filter both.

I would avoid the Cokin polarizer. Its important to use a high quality polarizer and Cokin is not on the same class as B&W, Heliopan, or Singh-ray. Why do you want a linear polarizer? There's no down side to a circular.

Lars Åke Vinberg
22-Sep-2004, 16:01
Actually Cokin's glass polarizers have a high optical quality - I have used both the P size and the mastodont X-Pro size on 8x10" chromes with excellent results. They are uncoated, though. But so is the Lee polarizer.

I would recommend a 4"/100 mm system like Lee or Hitech to allow for some margin - perhaps you want to add a center filter to the 90 SA some day - but it will be much more of an investment. Hitech 100mm filters fit in Lee holders but not vice versa, as Lee filters are thicker (2 vs 1.5 mm). With 100mm filters you might also be able to use a screw-in polarizer directly on the lens without vignetting. Test for vignetting before buying if you can.