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Eirik Berger
21-Sep-2004, 01:51
In a month I will be finished with my self-constructed 14x17" camera on which I intend to use my Rodenstok APO Ronar 480 mm f9 (and all the way to f260) . It was originaly used on a Klimsch process camera. This lens is of course without a shutter. My woodworking skills are hopefully far better than my knowledge on shutters.

I found a link to a company who sells Packard shutters:

- Can I adapt one of these shutters to my APO Ronar?
- Are there other possible solutions to my problem?

My experience with shutters fo LF-lenses is limited to the factory mounted Copal-shutters found on modern lenses, so any help would be apreciated.

Eirik Berger
Vikran, Norway

George Stewart
21-Sep-2004, 03:20
skgrimes.com should be able to mount your lens. Several years ago I had them mount a 600mm f/9 Apo-Ronar to an Ilex #5 which turned out well.

Bob Salomon
21-Sep-2004, 03:41
The 480 was sold in a 3 shutter. Talk to your local camera repair shop.

Tracy Storer
21-Sep-2004, 07:52
Although the 480 Apo-Ronar was/is? offered in a Copal #3, I used to own an older barrel version which with threads a little too big for the Copal #3. (to my dismay) If you've got one that's a direct fit, great! Otherwise the Packards work well. Search the archives here for operating tips, and there was an article in VIEWCAMERA maybe two years ago (was it by C. W. Dean?) on the use of Packards.

Ernest Purdum
21-Sep-2004, 09:54
Unless i've made a grievous math error (always a possibility) the image circle required to cover your 14" X 17" is about 559mm. Rodenstock rates the 480mm Apo-Ronar at 396mm when focused at infinity and at f22. Before spending money on a shutter (a lot of money if you are considering a Copal #3) I think it would be a good idea to mount the lens directly to the lensboard to see how well it meets your needs.

The usual way of mounting a Packard is on the back side of the lensboard. This requires a large enough lensboard not only for the shutter, but for space for the fitting that routes the air connection through the board.

jim Ryder
21-Sep-2004, 18:16
I have the same lens and successfully use it with a packard shutter I bought from Hubphoto. The fellow there is great and the shutter was very reasonably priced and is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. If you need I can perhaps find model number information etc to help you but really you can just talk with Hubphoto and they will get you what you need. Packard shutters may not be for everyone. Controled by hand with the bulb they lack a certain precision some people find useful. I prefer the "by feel" subjective, craft experience, sense of "just rightness" about holding the shutter open and then closing it. On the other hand, set on I setting the packard is able to make very even exposures. I find my Ronar and packard fit very nicely with my style of working and it may fit yours.

Eirik Berger
21-Sep-2004, 23:45
Ernest.Of course I need to check the coverage of the APO Ronar by testing, if the image circle is to small I have an old Goertz lens which will do the trick. The APO Ronar I still want to use for some purpose, maybe on my 8x10 camera.

suggests an image circel of 592 mm on the APO Ronar, but this will be controlled by testing.
Indicates a much smaller coverage as you mention. The diagonal line across the 14x17" format is 560mm. The margins up to 592 mm (if that is correct) is minor and I may observe vignetting on my negatives.

Jim, I will contact Hubphoto and ask them if they can help me, but if you can provide me with he model number of your shutter I would be very happy. Mail it to eirik@lundblad.no

jim Ryder
23-Sep-2004, 19:23
Mr. Berger,

My email is screwed up on this computer so here goes: I was unable to find model number information, the back of my shutter has "Packard Ideal Shutter Patd." on it. It is 5 inches square on the outside and the opening is 2 3/4" in diameter. It fits easily behind my lens directly on the 6x6 inch lens board. You will want to buy the bulb and tubing. My shutter has the restraining pin to use as the I setting. I am glad I have that but almost never use it. Very elegant, functional piece. Hubphoto will help you, they sent me exactly what I needed.

John D Gerndt
23-Sep-2004, 20:20
Eirik, I have a 480mm Ronar CL f11, front mounted to a #5 Universal shutter. The adaptation was completed by SK Grimes with a single adapter ring. A #5 is not cheap but they tend to be about half a #3 Copal and offer more flexibility than a Packard. Just a thought...