View Full Version : 90mm Wollensak Raptar

20-Sep-2004, 20:59
Does anyone know about the Wollensak Raptar 90mm /f6.8 lens? I can't find any specs on it as far as image circle size, quality and value.

Thanks, Travis.

Ernest Purdum
20-Sep-2004, 21:26
This is one of quite a number of moderately wide angle lenses designed to cover 4" X 5", but not much more. When new, they were used mostly on Crown Graphics and similar cameras which had quite restricted movements. The quality is decent but not outstanding. Regarding pricing, search eBay for completed items and you will probably find enough to give you an idea, but the price does vary widely depending on whether or not the lens is coated (you can tell about this because the coated ones have a "W" in a "C" amongst the front markings) whether the shutter is "X" synch only or an older type, and, of course, condition.

Ernest Purdum
20-Sep-2004, 21:40
I take it back. I just looked at eBay and could find only one. It was coated and in an MFX synch shutter. It sold for $106. One active auction has a higher bid.