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20-Feb-2014, 19:21
Hi! I joined awhile back but never said hello. I'm Steve from Wichita Kansas. I've only recently been gotten into large format. Before that it was all 135 and 120. And Polaroid. I finally got a 4x5 starter setup and have been!shooting a mix of paper and film. Playing more than anything. I've also started into wet plate using a converted Polaroid and working on a 20x24 (if I can find the right lens). I might also be adding an 11x14 if I can the price worked out. I may have a gear problem.

Anyway, I've browsed the forum for info for a long time now and figured it was rude to not say hi. Hi!

20-Feb-2014, 19:49
Hello from a little northeast of you! LF is the way to get a gear "problem" more than the smaller formats, I think. Sometimes it feels like leaving parts in a dark closet makes them multiply.

20-Feb-2014, 20:08
Welcome to fun land of large movable photographic tools.

Andrew O'Neill
20-Feb-2014, 23:14

21-Feb-2014, 10:46
I "joined" 6 years ago and have yet to say Hi. Hi and ...Hi!

21-Feb-2014, 11:31
I was trying to fine the BST section but since I hadn't actually posted anything I couldn't see it. Now my wallet hated me again.