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tor kviljo
20-Sep-2004, 04:12
Imagon 300mm- help needed!

Buying a comprehensive Sinar P set to complete my own equipment (finally bagging a 65mm super angulon & a copal shutter of old version fitting the Norma, but sadly quickly having to sell out most of the other stuff to restoring account-status before the bank kills me), I became the owner of a Rodenstock Tiefenbildner Imagon 300mm H-5.8 a few weeks ago. I know the lens from various posts, but working mostly with landscapes & small things, I have never hunted any of these down. But now that I am the owner of one, it had been interesting to try it out before possibly deciding to let it go to somebody needing it more. However, the lens does not come with any instructions except the discs, so I hoped someone out there might help me! Here is the hard facts: The lens have serial # 5065602 and is mounted in a hideously big Compound shutter (# 5 i presume, but not marked as so) with speeds 1 - 1/50 sek. Mounting is peculiar as it is mounted on a metal tube which in its turn is mounted on a technica III flat lensboard (opening hole as for a #3 shutter I guess). The 9 cm long black wrinkle finish aluminium tubing (acting as non-removable extension-ring) probably gives more practical back-focus distance for the 4"x5" technica it probably were made for. I got a tech - to Sinar Norma adapter board with it. I guess that this mounting makes it useless on a 5x7 as it cuts off the light cone (I have read that the 300 imagon were for 5x7 mainly, and covering this but not 8x10).

The shutter is a bit sluggish, but the compound is easy to clean and blades are perfect = will be working properly within soon. The discs is snapped on a spesial rim mounted on the front of shutter, lens is on rear of shutter.

Question is: what is effective aperture values with the different discs. Does opening the small holes in the rim increase f taking-stop noticably (letting in more light), or just increased soft-effect?

Last: any idea of value og this lens when in good condition (= nice coating & shutter blades + overall appearance) & shutter working nice but w/o box & instructions?

All info appreciated.


Tor Kviljo - Norway

Jay Lnch
20-Sep-2004, 04:46
300m Imagon in a compound #5.... I have the same lens.... It is great, and don't let anyone tell you that it does not cover 8x10. It covers with plenty of movement!!!

When shooting leave the shutter wide open and use the discs to adjust the aperture. The little hole mostly ajust the effect.

It is worth what someone will pay.... 8x10 shooters would most likely pay the most. $400 - $600.

Bob Salomon
20-Sep-2004, 05:28
The disks are marked with their H values, for exqample the first disk (largest center hole) is marked 5.8 to 7.7. Use those as the aperture values. All holes open = 5.8 all holes closed = 7.7. Note that modern Imagon 300mm lenses in Copal or Compur 3 shutters only have 2 disks starting at 7.7.

The effect of the Imagon will chage with the disk used, the setting of the disks and the lighting type and contrast. It wants lots of contrast to halo like a 5:1 ratio. It also wants direct strong mainlight. Not an umbrella.

J. P. Mose
20-Sep-2004, 07:24
I will e-mail you a copy of the Imagon owners manual I received from someone recently. Hopefully it will open OK.

tor kviljo
20-Sep-2004, 10:54
Thanks alot all of You! Receiving complete information on very spesial lens within hours after posting inquery is just great! Info on coverage to 8"x10" - perfect! - look forward to try it on my old Norma 8"x10" - Mose & Bob: thanks for precise info on disc-use & manual!

Greetings from (at the moment) hideously wet, but soon autum-colored Norway (now, where did I put those last packets of cold-stored 8"x10" RDP from Freestyle....)

Gregory Owens
20-Sep-2004, 22:25

I emailed a copy of a booklet written by Joseph Foldes, on using the Imagon. Hope it helps. Greg