View Full Version : Schneider 47 XL filter use

John Conway
19-Feb-2014, 17:24
I think it is time to use a filter on my 47 XL. Can I use a standard size filter or do i need to use one of the thin type filters ?

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
20-Feb-2014, 09:10
The filter you need is CERTER-FILTER IIIC 4x Multicoating It takes the center down extreamly and you need to open up two stops or expose 4x longer.

20-Feb-2014, 09:25
Any filter I've used with my 47XL vignettes at least a bit, except of course the CF. I would suggest an oversized rectangular filter strapped onto the front of the lens with rubber bands on the front standard if possible, if you want to use other filters. I've done this successfully with the 47XL and my 75mm Biogon.

I use the 3B (IIIB) filter instead of the C, since it works just fine and interchanges between my 58XL. They are easier to find used and cheaper as well usually. I think I paid $200.

Of course if you want to get anal I guess that 1/2 stop of difference can be significant. Here's a shot with the 3B filter. You can see there is still vignetting, but it's Velvia 50 so pretty sensitive to that kind of thing:


Bob Salomon
20-Feb-2014, 12:32
What do you mean by standard size? Diameter or thickness? In the case of Heliopan all of their non-rotating filters are only made in slim types with front threads.

John Conway
20-Feb-2014, 13:58
I am referring to thickness and the vignette problem .

Bob Salomon
20-Feb-2014, 14:12
I am referring to thickness and the vignette problem .

The vignetting will also depend on the movements used.