View Full Version : Any info on a "Pantoscope IV 2 1/2" C. Kochler Boston" Brass Lens?

19-Feb-2014, 16:09
Has anyone ever heard of a Pantoscope IV lens with the name C. Kochler Boston? I looked it up in vademecum and the internet and found nothing on the name Kochler. I found some refrences to a Pantoscope lens but those were globe lenses and this is not one of those. It's an intricately made high quality lens. The rear element has two elements with a spacer. I didn't want to force the front element apart but it looks like its several elements as well. The image it throws is very detailed and covers less then a full 4x5. Thanks.

19-Feb-2014, 18:46
I can offer no help but just for your information, I saw one of these avaiable on some ebay store.

19-Feb-2014, 18:52
I suspect it's one of a myriad of rapid rectilinears from the pre-anastigmat era. Many supply houses engraved their names, or made up names for these entry level lenses.

19-Feb-2014, 19:05
Ok. Thanks for the info.

20-Feb-2014, 05:42
And I see it's up on Ebay.

20-Feb-2014, 22:17
Too bad it's $175. I think I'll pass for that much.