View Full Version : TXP and Tmax 400

19-Feb-2014, 04:43
Can anyone comment on grain appearance enlarged to 8x10 developed in hc110 b?


Bruce Watson
19-Feb-2014, 08:32
IF you're talking a 2x enlargement (5x4 to 10x8), you aren't likely to see any grain without a 10x loupe. No matter what you do (within reason) you're pretty safe at anything at or below 4-5x enlargement.

19-Feb-2014, 08:37
You probably won't see any.

19-Feb-2014, 08:45
Thanx. OK, so, no noticeable grain at normal viewing distance on 8x10.

Just curious to know from folks who have evaluated the two against each other how they compared, contrasted and decided on one over the other, if you have.

thanx in a

Drew Wiley
19-Feb-2014, 09:24
The grain starts becoming visible in textureless areas like open skies around 3X enlarged size, but it's still pretty fine compared to say, Tri-X or HP5. The average
person wouldn't start noticing it till more like 5X. Just depends how much you boost contrast in the print. But there are other developers which minimize the effect