View Full Version : Where can I get a center plate for a Gitzo 1227?

Dan V
19-Sep-2004, 14:53
I'm considering the RRS ballhead and the Gitzo 1227 without center column for my Tachihara 4x5. Where would I get a center plate for the tripod? From Gitzo or RRS?

Jeff Moore
19-Sep-2004, 17:06
Dan, I don't believe the 1227 is made to accept a center plate; at least Gitzo doesn't make one. I am not aware of any third party solutions either. Hopefully, I am wrong about that, because I too would like to remove the center column and replace it with a plate and a lightweight ballhead. Maybe someone out there knows of a solution.

Glenn Kroeger
19-Sep-2004, 17:38
There is no Gitzo flat plate for the 1227.

Hopefully Kerry Thalmann will chime in here. I think he cut the top off of a 1227 and engineered a flat plate for it.

I gave up and switched to a 1325.

Dan V
20-Sep-2004, 08:55
Thanks for your input Glenn and Jeffrey.

Looks like I'll have to go with a geared column.

Tom Mitchell
20-Sep-2004, 13:02
Wrong folks there is a third party plate unit for several Gitzos including the 1227/1228 series here is the link-I have one love it and weighs less than the centerpost which it replaces.


Glenn Kroeger
20-Sep-2004, 15:36

I can't tell how this attaches to the tripod... does it fit over the big "wing nut" on top of the 1227?

Donald Hutton
20-Sep-2004, 20:02
The product is made by Markins - they make some ballheads and other bits and pieces. Probably the most exciting thing they make, are spikes for CF Gitzo tripods... Here is a link to the installation instructions for the tripod plate - you will see exactly where it goes:


I actually never bothered with one - I ended up with a 1325 in addition to my 1227.

Karl Amo
21-Sep-2004, 15:17
Here's a link to report on tripod and camera vibration, with and without the Markin center plate on a Gitzo 1227 tripod. According to the report, the center plate dampens vibrations better than the original Gitzo center post.


Donald Hutton
21-Sep-2004, 16:02

That's an interesting report - doesn't look that conclusive to me....

Glenn Kroeger
21-Sep-2004, 19:31
The report is difficult to interpret. Most of the vibration graphs have different scales so comparison is a pain! On the other hand, the Markins cap seems like a very nice solution to the real problem of the center column which is very low freqency flex, not higher frequency vibrations.

Frank Lahorgue
22-Sep-2004, 19:18
Does the bolt shown with the Markins cap rotate from below so that you could bolt a camera directly to the cap?


Arne Croell
27-Sep-2004, 10:06
The bolt with the 3/8" thread does not rotate after it is installed. During installing it is screwed into the cap, and then the end plate of the former 1227 center column (the one with the hook) is screwed into it at the lower end and secures it to the cap.

Charlie Kim
1-Jul-2005, 12:11
I found this forum while I was searching for a wood tripod.
I'm also thinking about another tripod like 1325 with my current 1227 as Don did.
If I can forget about carrying and handling, I would go for a wood tripod because it gives more weight and damping. And it is cheaper. :-)
However, I may buy 1325 because Markins made new fancy spikes for 13xx, 15xx tripods for insiders. (Markins has no plan for selling this currently.)

Anyway thanks for the interests on my report and I'm sorry for the difficulties I caused in previous article. There is an updated version of article with same link.