View Full Version : Is a 1891 Voigtlander Anastigmat Series III No 1 a Protar Lens?

18-Feb-2014, 16:25
I have a 1891 Voigtlander Anastigmat Series III No 1 lens and am trying to find out some more info about it. I know from reading the vademecum book that it was under license from Zeiss and that Anastigmat was Zeiss's early name for protars but am unsure if this is one of them. The lens is a small size with a focal length of approx. 3.5". Would it be considered a wide angle lens? I am including some pics I took of it. Thanks for any insight you could provide.

Steven Tribe
19-Feb-2014, 01:20
I have some good news for you:

This is one of the just 40 lenses made by Voigtländer in this size!
Is a standard type series III - later called a Protar after around 1900.
Voigtländer said it covered 8x10CM and 85 degrees. Will cover 4x5", I think.
Focal length is 96mm. F7.2

I have owned one of these licensed Zeiss - they are better build quality than the Zeiss lens.

Voigtländer appears to have been in a panic around 1895 and made both the Cooke and Protar anastigmats!

Steven Tribe
20-Feb-2014, 04:55
Here is the list of number of each size of the series III made by Voigtländer. It is the row of numbers on the right. There isn't a corresponding list of the Cookes made by Voigtländer. Probably a different type of licensing agreement.

20-Feb-2014, 05:00
Thank you for the information.

Steven Tribe
20-Feb-2014, 06:00
Dear "Speedex" - this type of concealed information seeking for instant eb*y listing is not appreciated!

You do not have permission to use the thumbnail I posted here in any commercial activity.

20-Feb-2014, 06:17
I didn't mean for anything to be concealed. I'm new to large format lenses. From reading online it sounded like it was a protar lens but was not sure and did not want to call it one if I was mistaken.

20-Feb-2014, 08:09
Even if it were for an Ebay listing... the info provided is now online and available for the other 39 people who also own one

that's something anyway

Steven Tribe
20-Feb-2014, 09:28
The real problem is that because something is interesting for a small group here, it doesn't mean that that it will be of great value in the marketplace! Listers often think unusual=valuable, which is very often not the case. I have already explained this in a PM to the contributers /listers.

I believe I have posted these production figures for Voigtländer Zeiss anastigmat series here before!

20-Feb-2014, 09:44
the marketplace will sort it all out though - so it's not really a problem

22-Feb-2014, 11:49
My Voigtlander Anastigmat Series III, No 7
It is Protar design, 4 elements in 2 groups, patent no. 56109

Steven Tribe
22-Feb-2014, 13:31
Not quite correct!
5 elements in 2 groups.

22-Feb-2014, 14:27
Refer to the book Rudolf Kingslake "A History of the Photographic Lens" page 82, Series III which is cemented doublet in the rear.
Only Series I, II and IIa are 5 elements in 2 groups.
Or refer to the below information.

Steven Tribe
22-Feb-2014, 17:18
Obviously, the Voigtländer series III must have been the same as the Zeiss original, Ross version etc.

So the attached x-section must refer to the series IIa alone! Another blunder in Prochnow book.