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19-Sep-2004, 04:32
I actually use a Technikardan 23 (6x9/4x5 architecture) and a Cambo SC (4x5" landscape, but far too heayvy and bulky!) and would like to reduce this to one single camera. I shoot 60% architecture (precision, rigidity) plus 40% landscape/nature (backpack compatability needed). Used lenses: 45-210mm Formats: 6x9 rollfilm and 4x5" Readyloads

Arca, TK 45, Ebony, ...? Any suggestions?


paul owen
19-Sep-2004, 04:48
Well I'm going to recommend an Ebony! For a change!! I'm really VERY happy with the 45SU and would heartily recommend it as my ultimate/ideal camera. Another option would be the 45S. Check out their web site for full specs. Good luck Paul

Jean-Louis Llech
19-Sep-2004, 05:05
With a lens range 45-210, and for 6x9 rollfilms and Readyloads, I would choose the Technikardan TK 45S :
- Weight : the TK45S is only 200 gr heavier,
- Dimensions : 125x215x255mm vs. 125x165x210mm (compare with the Cambo !)
- Camera extension : 485mm vs. 340mm
- Extension with wide-angle bellows : 70mm (Maybe a recessed lensboard for the 45mm)
(If you change from normal to wide-angle bellows the TK45S permits adjustments with extreme wide-angle lenses to 35 mm)
- Rise and fall :
Front : 50/20mm vs. 50 mm
Rear : 50/20mm vs. 30 mm
Lateral shifts, (front/rear) : 75/105mm vs. 55mm
By replacing the TK 23 and the Cambo SC by the TK45S I don't see any drawbacks.

Michael Kadillak
19-Sep-2004, 07:52
I agree with Jean Louis. You already use the Linhof and are familiar with its operation and it does not get any more precise and solid with architecture than the 45S. I use mine particularly with super wide lenses even though I also have the Master. It takes a couple of seconds to change to the bag bellows and it locks down firm. I backpacked with mine last week on a seven day trip to Montana and Wyoming with a friend and it packed marvelously well. A Canham 5x7 metal camera case made for him by Tenba fits the TK45S perfectly. I would also highly recommend the Gnass case for transporting lenses as it is well padded and I can fit four or five lenses on Linhof boards without a problem. A long loup or the reflex viewer and you are good to go. Linhof had them on sale recently for about $2,300 so maybe one would come up on the used market. That is how I got mine.

Good Luck!

Brian Ellis
19-Sep-2004, 08:02
I've owned a Technikardan 4x5 and didn't like it at all(for the reasons why, you can read my review of it under the equipment section of this web site). I've also owned an Ebony 45 SVTi and I liked it o.k. but not enough to keep it in preference to a Linhof Master Technika which is my camera of choise for the photography that I do. However, I wouldn't recommend the Master Technika for someone like you whose principal area is architecture (mainly because of the inconvenience of using the back movements and the difficulty of using lenses wider than 75mm). An Ebony would suit your needs but I suspect that you might be like me and not care too much for a wood camera after being used to the rigidity and precision of the metal cameras you now use). If you like your Technikardan 2x3 wouldn't it make the most sense to buy a 4x5 Technikardan so that you wouldn't be faced with learning a new camera and new system?

Frank Petronio
19-Sep-2004, 08:21
Oh, just get an Arca Misury...

adrian tyler
19-Sep-2004, 08:48
i just changed my master tecknica for an ebony 45su. although i liked the linhof very much, i could not achieve the movements i needed for architecture easily. the ebony camera gets the architecture jobs done quickly with no fuss whatsoever. i'd recommend it especially if (like me) you get paid for the architecture and do landsape for pleasure, but you'll need to sort out a good bag to take it into the field.

Jeffrey Scott
19-Sep-2004, 21:04
I have an Ebony 45SU with 5 lenses ranging from a 58XL to a 305 G-Claron. Along with most accesories, I fit all this in a Lowepro Photo Trekker AW. Works great. I do use the day pack on it for film and other sundry items.

I too, highly recommend the 45SU as wonderful for architecture and just about anything else, for that matter, except for really long lenses.

20-Sep-2004, 05:33
arca misura or technikardan S, but i prefer the arca !

tim atherton
20-Sep-2004, 10:28
why on earth would you use a Misura for more than the most basic architecture work?

Ellis Vener
20-Sep-2004, 10:36
I like the Arca-Swiss better too. But if you already have the TK45 or 23 I'd just keep that. you already know it and it is a fine camera.

24-Nov-2004, 05:40
Finally I decided to sell my TK 23 on ebay.
Find a link on my website if interested: