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Robert A. Zeichner
18-Sep-2004, 14:14
Some of my recent work will appear in two shows in Michigan during October.

In Ann Arbor, I will be joining Fred Cross in a two man show that will feature some of Fred's quadtone Piezographs titled "Analog" and a series of silver Vitrographs I produced last year (my article appeared in Photo Techniques Jan/Feb 2004) plus a dozen of my latest architectural studies made this spring in the Cyclades islands of Greece. The exhibit will be at Dave's Photo Emporium on State Street in Ann Arbor. Artist's reception will be from 7-9 pm on Friday October 1st, concurrent with the annual Ann Arbor Art Walk.

In Lansing, I will have 22 images on exhibit during October in a six artist show at the new Dancing Crane Gallery on Michigan Ave.(corner of Foster). This display will also contain some of my silver Vitrographs, some landscapes from the Death Valley area as well as a dozen from the trip to the Cyclades (different from the ones at Dave's). Artist's reception to take place in mid-October, date and time TBA.

If any of you are in the Michigan area during October, you are invited stop by.

gary bridges
18-Sep-2004, 20:41
What is a Piezograph & a Vitrograph?

Jorge Gasteazoro
18-Sep-2004, 20:52
What is a Piezograph & a Vitrograph?

A piezograph is nothing more than an ink jet print made with Cone's piezo inks. I have no idea what is a Vitrograph, but from the name I imagine is liquid light emulsion on glass.

Robert A. Zeichner
18-Sep-2004, 21:01
Actually, a Vitrograph is a contact print made from glassware. These are not to be confused with Vitreographs which are prints made from inked glass plates that are etched. Vitrograph is a name I coined for this process because unlike a straight photogram, the glass "negative" takes on lens-like qualities that result in continuous tone prints with all kinds of interesting textures. My article in the Jan/Feb issue of Photo Techniques describes the process in detail.

bob carnie
19-Sep-2004, 15:30
Good Luck Robert