View Full Version : Light flash from switched off light box, HC 110 results...

Larry Kellogg
17-Feb-2014, 09:37
Yesterday, I was loading up some 5x7 film into hangers to develop when I touched the top of a light box. I swear the thing flashed a little bit of light at me. I didn't touch the switch, mind you. Could it have been static discharge? I thought all of my negatives were ruined but they came out fine. I have to remember to unplug that thing before I do any more processing.

I have started with HC110, Dilution F, 1:79, for 15 minutes on Tri X 320. I think the negatives came out good but 15 minutes is a long time to wait when you believe you have ruined all the film. ;-)


17-Feb-2014, 11:22
I believe it...especially if your eyes were already a use to the dark. I have flourescents in my van. If I rub them they get excited and giclee a little light.

Larry Kellogg
17-Feb-2014, 12:46
Yeah, I think so, very disconcerting! I'll be sure to hide the light box when I process, unplug the radio, turn off the power strips, etc. Someone I know lost six sheets of 8x10 to the little temperature light on a darkroom sink, which, although it was covered with a flap, still bounced light into the sink!

By the way, I like your quote. After I saw the light, I was trying to convince myself that the walkabout was worth it, even if half the film was destroyed.