View Full Version : Ansel Adams Exhibit in Indiana

Wally Hess
17-Sep-2004, 13:16
An exhibit of Ansel Adams photographs is currently at the Snite Gallery , Notre Dame University, South Bend, IN.

Wally Hess

Dan Brittain
17-Sep-2004, 14:25
There is also one at the Asheville NC Art Museum. Here is the link. http://www.ashevilleart.org/


Charles Hohenstein
17-Sep-2004, 21:49
I saw the exhibit at Notre Dame today. Wow! The illustrations in books certainly don't do the prints justice. I was certainly impressed and will go back to see them again.

Michael Rosenberg
18-Sep-2004, 15:21

I trust the museum has not flooded and still has power! I did not know about the exhibit, and I live in Chapel Hill! Thanks for letting us know. I will have to try to get there in the next month.


MIke Sherck
18-Sep-2004, 20:47
I saw the exhibit at the Snite a couple of weeks ago when it opened. Despite all of the progress made in printing technology over the past couple of decades, it's still well worth the while of any practicing photographer to go out and see real prints when they can. Reproductions just don't do a good print justice.

Mike S.