View Full Version : Help with D76 and Txp 320 4x5

15-Feb-2014, 22:35
This is my first post. Im new to LF and Im having trouble with tri-x320. I am using a unicolor drum and motor base. Im using about a liter/34 oz of D76 1:1, Fix, and Hypo clear. What I am seeing is my film still looks a little pink. Im fixing for approx 10 mins and hypo for 2 mins. I tried this same process with Tmax 400 with now issues. My develop time is 9 min @68 degrees F. I do a 10 min wash in the drum at the end allowing the water to fill the drum and constantly run. I empty the water about 4 times during this process.
My question is does tri x stay a little pink or should it be completely clear? Am I missing something, or doing something wrong? If anyone has suggestions please chime in.


mathieu Bauwens
16-Feb-2014, 03:45
Tri X is always a bit pink, no worries...

20-Feb-2014, 04:40
Thanks. I've been getting better results after some trial and error

20-Feb-2014, 05:33
You might try the Formulary's TF4 fixer.

mathieu Bauwens
21-Feb-2014, 05:37

slightly pink

25-Feb-2014, 18:19
Thanks everyone for your help. My negatives are getting much better. Washing is the key.

Larry Kellogg
25-Feb-2014, 18:29
Do you pre-soak in water? I pre-soak for five minutes, which I think gets rid of the anti-halation backing. I'm not sure if it is pink though, I seem to remember green.

mathieu Bauwens
27-Feb-2014, 04:15
Yes, the pre wash water is green, but the negative sheet film could stay a bit pink.