View Full Version : Cold light, yellow filter question

Ben Calwell
15-Feb-2014, 13:43
I've checked the archives on this, and it looks as if a yellow filter is needed when printing VC paper with the older Aristo cold light heads (not the V54 model). My question is, where can I find a large CC40Y filter that would cover the top of my 4x5 Omega neg carrier? I'm thinking said filter would rest on top of the neg carrier, with the cold light head on top of it? And would it have to be a CC40Y filter? Would any yellow gel help to tame the blue light on those things?
For an experiment, I might hold a clean, K2 filter under the lens to see if that would work.

Merg Ross
15-Feb-2014, 14:20
I used filter material from Rosco for the old cold light.


15-Feb-2014, 15:48

Doesn't your 4x5 Omega enlarger have a drawer for filters? I always thought a cold light replaced the normal light and condenser system leaving the filter drawer in place.

I can foresee two problems with placing a filter atop the negative carrier:
1. dust. Dust on both sides of the filter will show up as out of focus areas.
2. gels/filters are not optically pure therefore there will likely be variations in density

Ben Calwell
15-Feb-2014, 15:58
The way the cold light head is attached, it sits directly on top of the negative carrier. I don't see a filter drawer. The original condenser head was removed and replaced with the cold light head.

Merg Ross
15-Feb-2014, 17:32
The filter would be placed "above" the diffusion disk on the cold light, cut from a Rosco gel equivalent to a CC40Y. Sounds as though you may gave the D2 Omega without a filter drawer.

Mark Woods
15-Feb-2014, 17:52
Rosco's CalColor 30 +10 yellow will equal a 40CC yellow. The new lighting gels are about as optically clear as you can get. I've used them over my lens. Never had a problem.