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Bill Christian
15-Feb-2014, 07:01

I just bought a Schneider G-Claron 305 f9 View Camera Lens, in Copal 1. The shutter speed ring is very hard for me to turn. I have to try to push against something on the lens to turn it and my hand hurts a little. My wife will have a lot of trouble to change shutter speeds.

I'm new to LF lenses but is this normal?

Here's what the seller said:
I think once you mount the lens on a lens board you will find it easier to rotate the speed dial.
Don't be afraid to turn the shutter speed dial I don't think you you will do any damage.
I just check another Copal #1 that is not mounted on a lens board and it is not easy to turn, but once on a lens board I have not noticed the issue.
Make sure that when the lens is mounted on a lens board the retaining ring is tight so the lens does not rotate.
I did check your lens and the speed dial resistance of the Copal #1 was normal.



Dan Fromm
15-Feb-2014, 07:49
Bill, what you have isn't correct. The shutter needs an overhaul, as do all shutters bought used. I have a small pile of Copal shutters; none has a stiff speed setting ring.

Bill Christian
15-Feb-2014, 07:53
Thanks, I'll check with the seller.


17-Feb-2014, 09:57
hi Bill. I may have a solution. Try taking the front lens group off, and then try the shutter. The lens group should unthread with a firm but careful counter-clockwise twist. Be careful not to bump the back of the removed lens group, as the elements are usually quite exposed.
If this approach has a positive result, my theory is that the black plastic ring on the front of the shutter is superfluous. I had a similar problem with one of my lenses and my repair tech said that some lenses are moved around between shutters, and that plastic ring should be removed in some cases. The ring on mine simply snapped out.

Good luck!


Bill Christian
17-Feb-2014, 23:30

I removed the back of the lens and a ring at the back just before the aperture adjustment. It didn't change the shutter ring resistance. I tried to turn the front lens that goes into the shutter part but it was hard so I didn't want to turn too much. The seller said he will check with his repair contact and possibly I'll send it there to be loosened up.


18-Feb-2014, 00:05
The pressure required to turn the speed ring is adjustable.

Remove the front group and put in a safe dust-free place.

You'll see a scalloped silver ring encircling the barrel, inside the black face plate.
Look around its perimeter and you'll see a flat screw in one of the scallops.

Rotate that screw one-half turn counterclockwise to disengage the scalloped ring.
Now rotate the scalloped ring one position counterclockwise.

Return the flat screw to its original position, locking the scalloped ring in place.

Now try the shutter setting. If still too stiff, repeat until it's what you want.

Don't go more than two or three scallop positions, because you don't want the ring to come off.

When satisfied, re-install the front group. It should not change the required pressure at all.

DO NOT EVER remove or discard shims. When present, they're necessary.

- Leigh

Bill Christian
18-Feb-2014, 01:09

Thanks, I just tried to remove the front lens part again and it is really hard to turn. It didn't move.

I'll see what the seller says tomorrow. Later I might try other methods to open it up.


18-Feb-2014, 06:20
Thanks, I just tried to remove the front lens part again and it is really hard to turn. It didn't move.
Hi Bill,

I suggest you return it for a refund.

There is no reason either cell should be difficult to remove. Something is wrong.

- Leigh