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14-Feb-2014, 13:01
Hi everybody, if you could take a look and help me identify this lens would be great. Thank You ! I only can see the f4 f6 f8 f11f 16 markings. The metal seems brass/copper painted, doesn't attract magnet.
Regards, Luc

14-Feb-2014, 13:14
Dallmeyer perhaps?

14-Feb-2014, 13:43
It would be great to be a Dallmeyer :). Thanks

14-Feb-2014, 14:04
Know how to count reflections?


14-Feb-2014, 14:49
I'm afraid I don't know, I'm sorry. If these pictures would help you...
Rear of the lens:110476
Front of the lens :110477
Thanks so much

14-Feb-2014, 15:07
another picture, maybe is better. If I'm not wrong there are 2 elements in the rear and 1 in the front.

Louis Pacilla
14-Feb-2014, 19:04
Looks like a mid mount European manufactured (not engraved by maker) Petzval portrait lens (Not Dallmeyer) which is missing the hood. if it looks as if it's a large size lens barrel so I bet it's FL is around 16" so that's good for 8x10 Portraits on down. I find 16" perfect on 5x7 hs portraits.

If you don't have the proper flange for attaching to a 9x9 lens board then you'll find having a mid-mount a plus. You can make the hole just big enough that the threads kind of bite the hole and thread into the wood. The the lip of the the brass ring threaded piece will butt out on the back or the lens board. then wrap the rear barrel with rubber (inter tube) and secure the rear barrel to the back of the lens board with a large hose clamp butted against the back of the lens board securing it well for use.

I have found large size (7"-10")flanges cost way more money then smaller ones because most small machine shops laths don't have large enough clamps so they do workarounds which run into time and as a result more money.

Nathan Potter
14-Feb-2014, 20:01
Certainly looks like a normal 3 element 3 group portrait Petzval with the stop in approximately the right place. Three convex air/glass surfaces facing front (guessing a bit from the reflections).

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

14-Feb-2014, 21:20
Thanks Nate,
Thanks Louis,
Here I add another pic, the front element110491

15-Feb-2014, 05:38
Rather than counting reflections and other difficult identification methods, just take the rear apart. If there are two lenses separated by a spacer, it's a Petzval. If they are cemented, it's a Rapid Rectlinear. I'm also assuming you wouldn't ask us what it was if it had a maker and type engraved on it. With the numbers engraved for the apertures starting with 4, it also sounds like a petzval.

It's certainly not a Dallmeyer or other good maker, or it would be engraved.

Andrew Plume
15-Feb-2014, 06:09
yes, definitely NOT a Dallmeyer and almost certainly a European made, no name lens



15-Feb-2014, 09:15
Thank You all ! Yes, the rear has two lenses separated by a spacer. At some point in time this lens has a maker written but very faint now, I can't read anything now.