View Full Version : Repair for a SEIKO shutter.

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
13-Feb-2014, 09:42
Do you know of a repair man or a repair shop that can repair a Seiko Shutter preferably in Europe?

Steve Goldstein
13-Feb-2014, 10:07
Some shops will claim they're unrepairable, but I had one worked on by ICT Camera in Mountain View, CA.


Yes, I know it's not in Europe, but Manfred is European-trained. From what he described to me of the work it was well beyond a standard CLA, but the price was quite reasonable.

There are also the usual US-based suspects - S.K. Grimes, CameraWiz (no email, let me know if you need to reach him), Flutot's (long wait usually), Paul Ebel, probably others. Sorry I can't help with European sources.

What's the problem you need repaired?

Gudmundur Ingolfsson
13-Feb-2014, 11:42
The slow shutter speeds are too slow and cocking takes force.

13-Feb-2014, 12:13
If you don't find any in Europe, and don't mind sending it to Canada, I would suggest Roger at Camtech in Hamilton, Ontario.

He has repaired Seiko shutters for me before and always did a great job; highly recommended.

13-Feb-2014, 14:56
The slow shutter speeds are too slow and cocking takes force.

Mine had the same issues, I repaired it myself. It was not difficult. Anyone who works on shutters should have no trouble making it good as new.

Carsten Wolff
14-Feb-2014, 08:21
In the UK:

http://www.bonwcameras.co.uk/ and also

AXCO Instruments Ltd: www.cameraclinic.co.uk
228 Regents Park Rd., Finchley, London, N3 3HP
+44 208 346 8302

are both said to be very good.

14-Feb-2014, 12:23
Ask Mr Marek Wiese, http://www.wiese-fototechnik.de/Website/Startseite.html

17-Feb-2014, 09:50
Thanks for plugging Roger at Camtech (camtechphoto.com) Ari. I also use him for my repairs, and he does quality work for fair prices.