View Full Version : Goerz ARTAR RED DOT 47 1/2 mounting ring

13-Feb-2014, 09:05
Dear Friends!
I just got Goerz ARTAR RED DOT 47 1/2 for camera build project. But it comes without mounting ring. Does anybody have any suggestion where I could find it? Maybe there is a place where I can order custom made ring.
Thanks in advance.

Jon Shiu
13-Feb-2014, 09:12
skgrimes.com can make


13-Feb-2014, 09:29
Any decent local machine shop can make one for you in a day, depending on their workload.

13-Feb-2014, 09:35
Thank you!!

13-Feb-2014, 09:36

13-Feb-2014, 10:24
If you're just wanting to get it on a board, the other day I wanted to mount a lens on a different camera, so I unscrewed it from its flange, cut a very precise, very slightly undersize hole in a new board, tapered the hole a bit with a file to give the lens a little start, waxed up the threads and the hole, and simply screwed the lens in. It made its own threads in the wood quite nicely, and is plenty secure.

13-Feb-2014, 16:31
Looking for a 35" Artar, do you know where to find one? Otherwise as SK Grimes for flange. They are a good choice.