View Full Version : New Photographic Gallery in Toronto

bob carnie
16-Sep-2004, 15:02
I would like to announce the re-opening of Elevator Gallery here in Toronto, Our mandate is to show the very best International and Canadian photographic talent. For large format devotees in the Toronto area please go to elevatordigital.ca for information regarding our launch.

Jorge Gasteazoro
16-Sep-2004, 15:07
Seems this is more a photo lab offering digital prints than a gallery. Did not see anything about a gallery or an exhibition in your web site, only the processes you offer.

bob carnie
16-Sep-2004, 15:39
Jorge, after you hit the button ,there is a five second delay and the pop up window appears with the announcement of our relaunch of the gallery

Jorge Gasteazoro
16-Sep-2004, 16:22
Got it....good luck.....

Andrew O'Neill
16-Sep-2004, 19:51
lots of us LF devotees out here in BC....that's outside the Toronto area though. Is that okay?

bob carnie
17-Sep-2004, 17:13
Sure I guess so

19-Sep-2004, 10:26
Hi Bob

i will have to go to Canada soon !!! jesper tells me so much about you.

Paul Kierstead
19-Sep-2004, 11:29
As a fairly frequent visitor to Toronto, I would look forward to visiting.

However.... I think you will find a significant number of us use pop-up blocking browsers and software and do not see your notification, nor would ever see it unless we explicitly know the pop-up is coming and turn it off. So, I would *strongly* recommend you do not use a pop-up to announce anything; it just smacks of spam (hence why it is blocked). That being said, I really want someone to print me some B&W on a 7600/9600 using ImagePrint (a must)....

bob carnie
19-Sep-2004, 12:40
Hi Martin You should come with Jesper the next time he visits we would like to pick your brain when you get here and down a few pints



Paul I did not even think of the spam issue with pop ups , thankyou when you are in Toronto look us up