View Full Version : lenshade 90mm super angulon

ronald lamarsh
16-Sep-2004, 09:40
I am struggling to come up with an adequate lenshade for my 90mm f8 super angulon. I use it on a Linhof Tech III and cambo monorail. The linhof compendium is too small inside demensions to extend very far and the last time i used my hand I got a really nice picture of my thumb. What do you all out there use?

David A. Goldfarb
16-Sep-2004, 10:23
B+W collapsible rubber WA shade. Works perfectly.

Bob Salomon
16-Sep-2004, 11:54
Assuming that you will not use back movements the Heliopan rubber hoods will work. If you do back movements you should use a better compendium. Do you have a Linhof Compendium or the Linhof lens hood? If it is the Linhof lens hood you could also use Linhof's wide angle hood adapter. And the compendium should not extend very far with a 90mm.

David A. Goldfarb
16-Sep-2004, 11:59
Bob, what's the Linhof Wideangle Hood adapter? It sounds like something I've been looking for. I have the 70mm filter holder and hood, and was thinking of purchasing another hood and cutting it down for wide lenses, but if there's a wideangle hood made for the purpose, that would be even better. (I also have the compendium for the Technika, but for certain things, a rigid hood is more convenient).

ronald lamarsh
16-Sep-2004, 17:44
Thanks for all the input where can i get a B&W shade?

Bob Salomon
16-Sep-2004, 19:04
" but if there's a wideangle hood made for the purpose,"

The hood system is no longer made but we may still have some of the wide angle parts in stock. There are also a few filters left in stock.

David A. Goldfarb
16-Sep-2004, 22:26
Thanks, Bob.

Ron, you can order the B+W shade from B&H, www.2filter.com, and other places, I'm sure. That said, I'm not sure it's really better than the compendium shade. If you're already invested in 4" filters and don't have 67mm filters, the only advantage is that it's more compact, if you don't happen to be carrying the compendium shade as well, and it's less cumbersome than a compendium shade if you use the 90mm for handheld rangefinder photography. As I mentioned in the other thread on APUG, I have both, but I don't think you'll find the rubber shade to be better in its function as a shade.

ronald lamarsh
21-Sep-2004, 17:51
Thanks Dave I am rather invested in the 4x4 filters I'll try the compendium again and see