View Full Version : Quebec Eastern Townships in Fall?

Don Miller
16-Sep-2004, 07:03
Do fall colors change here before Vermont? Is the landscape similiar to Vermont or New Hampshire? Thanks


Daniel Grenier
16-Sep-2004, 08:48
Vermont and New Hampshire are right next door to the Eastern Townships. As far as colors during the fall go, differences between them will be minimal - perhaps a day or two ahead or behind each other depending on the weather/temperatures at the time. It is the Appalachian mountains in the Eastern townships too so the landscape will, indeed, be very similar. You won't see a Mount Washington-type feature there but everything else is pretty much the same IMO.

Philippe Gauthier
16-Sep-2004, 11:33
The Townships are my favourite picture spot and I agree with Daniel. Note that the further east of Sherbrooke you drive, the more picturesque and mountainous it will be. Mount Mégantic is a significant mountain and it's not the only one. A bit further north, still along the Applachians, is the so called "Bois Francs" (hardwood) area, centered around ities like Victoriaville and Thetford Mines. The foliage peak should normally be a couple of days early over there, but of course it depends a lot on local weather.

Ted Harris
16-Sep-2004, 15:33
As of Tuesday ... firey reds and golds are starting to show on both sides of the New Hampshire/Quebec border. It's hard to predicft timing but if the evenings continue to drop into the 40's F and lower my best guess is that you will see peak color no later than the first week in October. Perhaps even a little esrlier in Phillippe's neck of the woods.

Bill Jefferson
18-Sep-2004, 13:26
So far in my area, Easat Topsham, which is south of Barre, not much is changing yet. So I'd say still looks like around columbus day for peak season here. With all the rain this year the foliage is thick, I am hoping for some spectacular shots. I'll be off from work 10/12 til 10/19th shooting my brains out...lol

Don Miller
19-Sep-2004, 07:49
Thank you for your replies.

I like to work from topo maps like Delorme in the U.S. Is there an equivalent in Canada? I don't need hiking topo maps, more like regional overview maps. Thanks.